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Nov 25 2023

Saturday, November 25, 2023 @ 11:00 am
Woof Pack, 1190 Conquerall Mills Rd., Conquerall Mills, NS
(Bridgewater area, indoors on turf, secure environment)
Package: 3 Novice Level Jumpers courses

Possible minor challenges of speed, space, easy backsides (threadle) and 180’s

Treats and Toys allowed

Each dog gets a minimum of 2 minutes in the ring per run

No crating inside
Course Design: Jacqui Brown
Cost is $45 per dog for the 3 run package
Online entries only through the website

Payment must accompany entry
Entry is open and closes November 16th

If the match is cancelled due to weather, you will be fully refunded

For those who have attended our YDFM’s throughout 2023, these matches are progressive and gain slightly in complexity but remain at a beginner level

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