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2024 Trial Information

AAC Trials

July 6 - 7
July 27 - 28
August 11 (Adv & Starters only)
September 14 - 15
November 3


Only On-line Registration acceptable for Trial Registrations.

Covid Rules: masks are optional. Please respect the physical distance of
anyone wearing a mask. 

Sport Field Rules

Property Rules:

  • Pick up after your dog and yourselves. Waste receptacles will be on site.

  • Do not lean on the fence, posts or gates around the agility ring.

  • No smoking on the property

  • Dogs are to be on leash when they are not inside the agility ring. The only exception to this rule is if you take your dogs to the off leash field to play. If your dogs does not have a suitable temperament and reliable recall, then he/she must be leashed at all times when outside the ring.

  • DO NOT let your dog visit the neighbouring properties.

  • Directions to the off leash field will be explained during the general briefing.

  • We follow Province of Nova Scotia Covid 19 guidelines.

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